I am excited to share that enrollments are now open for my cohort-based course for mid-career product managers on Maven.

From the course detail page:

The middle years in product management can be harsh. You are trying to influence decisions in your organization while simultaneously creating an impact on your product and managing a team (something you have never done before). A mid-career hump can become a permanent roadblock in your growth. Avoid struggling on your own and figure out the next steps in your product management career.

This course will lead you towards your product leadership goals using the tools of your trade: effective frameworks, spending time in the problem space, building an aspirational backlog for yourself and crafting a personalized roadmap for your career.

The first cohort (with an India- and APAC-friendly evening time) starts in August 2021 and will run for 3 weeks. The second cohort (with a US-friendly evening time) will be in September 2021.

So if you are a mid-career product manager, this course is for you: